Vitray Plastik Ambalaj,

  • It motivates all its staff by producing material and moral benefits.
  • It applies different business models for its employees, exceeding universal values.
  • First of all, Vitray creates an environment where every employee will internalize the main principles of Stained Glass by living.
  • It contributes to career development by planning trainings that employees can attend to develop the competence and abilities required by their job.
  • It creates manpower that will carry the company to the future in order to maintain continuity.
  • It offers our employees continuous development opportunities in order to maximize the performance of our employees and to maintain our contribution to company goals in terms of customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability.
  • It acts in accordance with moral values, ethical principles and our responsibilities towards society, nature and the environment.
  • Managing human resources practices that enable our employees to have a humanitarian and continuous development-oriented perspective and bring human resources with this vision to our company.


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