Baton Chocolate Foil

Baton chocolate foil, this type of foil, which looks very aesthetically pleasing, allows you to see the chocolate lines clearly from the outside. Baton chocolate foil leaves a nice feeling when you take the chocolate in your hand thanks to its very embossed structure. Baton chocolate foil is mostly preferred with logo. Chocolate packaging is a type of packaging you need for the wrapping process. Easy to fold and easy to close.

It can be produced in the desired size and design specific to your company.
It is a product that provides high machine performance.
Printed, lacquered and embossed options are available.
It has heat sealability, matte and glossy production features.
It offers printing and lacquering on both sides.
Special alloy foil options are available.

Baton Chocolate Foil

Baton Chocolate Foil - It is the product you need for chocolate packaging and wrapping. It successfully reflects the brand image on the shelves with our special sizes and designs for your company. It provides high machine performance. Its thermal bonding ability is effective. Easy to fold and easy to close. Lamination is available upon request. Printing and lacquering process can be applied on both sides. It can be produced either matte or glossy. Thanks to our high printing capability, we exceed expectations.

Detailed Features

High machine performance
- High product protection
- Heat sealability
- Easy to fold / unfold
- Mechanical strength
- Matte / glossy alternatives
- Perfect smoothness
- Special alloy foil options
- Possibility of printing and lacquering on both sides

Additional information


Baton Çikolata Folyosu


Ana Renkler, Ara Renkler, Desen-Motif, Logolu


Özel (İstenilen boya göre)


Alüminyum, Alüminyum / Wax / Kağıt, Alüminyum / PE / Kağıt, Alüminyum / Kağıt, Film / Kağıt

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