Blister Gum Foil

Blister gum foil is a hygienic packaging type that allows the gum to be easily removed from the fragile foil and can be taken into the mouth without the need for hand contact. Blister gum foil is a thermoform gum packaging with special alloy foil.

It can be produced in the desired size and design specific to your company.
Its mechanical strength is quite high.
It provides high barrier feature against taste and moisture loss.
Printed and embossed and non-embossed options are offered.
It has thermal bonding, matte and glossy production features.
Whether single request multi-layer lamination option is available.

Blister Gum Foil

Blister Gum Foil - Thermoform chewing gum packaging with a special alloy foil, with high barrier properties against taste and moisture loss.

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Blister Sakız Folyosu, Sakız Folyosu


Ana Renkler, Ara Renkler, Desen-Motif, Logolu, Standart


Özel (İstenilen boya göre)


Alüminyum, Termolak (Tek yüz baskılı)

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