Outer Gum Foil

The outer gum foil is a type of packaging that holds single gums together and is produced to protect the gum inside from external influences. Ergonomic packaging solutions are offered for the outer gum foil, such as easy opening and folding.

It can be produced in the desired size and design specific to your company.
Single or double-sided wax paper alternatives
It provides a high barrier feature against moisture.
Printed, lacquered and embossed and non-embossed options are offered.
It has heat sealability, easy folding and unfolding, matte and glossy production features.
It is possible to print on paper (natural appearance) or aluminum (glossy) surface.
It is an excellent performance product in fast packaging machines.
Whether single request multi-layer lamination option is available.
Complete or partial wax applications are made.

Outer Gum Foil

Gum Foil - Easy to open and fold, production in the desired size, high quality printing, various lamination options, and the packaging that keeps the gums together.

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Sakız Folyosu


Ana Renkler, Ara Renkler, Desen-Motif, Logolu, Standart


Özel (İstenilen boya göre)


Alüminyum, Kağıt, Parsiyel Wax

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