Innovation lies at the center of everything Stained Glass Plastic Packaging does.

A special R&D unit in each department: Maintains Innovation Activities.

The long-term and successful growth of the R&D group,innovative products with high added value depends on the development To achieve this goal, the top management team of Stained Glass Plastic Packaging is a team in both departments to modernize and renew production tools. Research and Development has undertaken a major investment plan to create the unit.

Focusing only on R&D and innovation projects, these units try to develop our product range and production processes in close cooperation with the General Management and Sales and Marketing Departments.



To ensure the long-term growth and success of the group’s activities Research and Development Our work focuses on four areas:


Success for tomorrow

The vision and design of new products, technologies and applications.


Success for today

Projects targeted jointly with our customers and suppliers.

Processand production


Optimization, related use and updating of our production tools to enable development and innovation.

Technological monitoring

Sources of inspiration

Monitoring changes in the market, discussion forums, competing activities, private conferences.


Packaging Department Research and Development units  depends on .

Each activity has a dedicated R&D manager who is in direct contact with process engineers and technical and development support personnel in each production area.
Vitray Plastik Ambalaj also has design expertise integrated into the R&D unit to anticipate the needs and expectations of the market.

New laboratories with the latest technology are available. These labs are designed as collaborative spaces dedicated to customer service and innovation.

An R&D unit that is constantly looking for innovation

The development of custom laminated products, technical assistance and customer service form the basis of our business.


Working with you to find the best possible solution for your packaging, protection, or material needs, while also addressing environmental and consumer safety concerns. To do this, our R&D team works with our suppliers’ R&D teams as well as external laboratories and technical centers to develop innovative products.


Our R&D laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to analyze material structures and properties. We can also improve the properties of a product or develop new materials and formulas.

This allows us to offer you the desired features and new functionality:

  • Insulating
  • Barrier properties
    (oxygen, steam, aroma, etc.)
  • Mechanical properties
  • Version features
  • Slip
  • Flame delayer
  • Controlled permeability