Buttermilk Lid Foil

Ayran Cover Foil This foil used to cover the mouth of the ayran glass will prevent foreign substances from entering the drink and protect it from daylight. At the same time, thanks to the durable structure of the Ayran Lid Foil, it provides effective protection against impacts. Thanks to its strong adhesion feature, it holds securely to the glass.


  • It can be produced in the desired size and design specific to your company.
  • High barrier protection against steam, moisture, sunlight, odor
  • Easy to open option
  • Provides high corrosion protection
  • It has excellent processability in bonding machines.
  • There are different diameter options and special shape alternatives.
  • There are alternatives with or without embossing.
  • It offers thermolac or coextrusion options.
  • It offers adhesion to all sub-container types.
  • It provides superior resistance against acidic products.

Buttermilk Lid Foil

Buttermilk Cover Foil - Buttermilk Cover Foil is disposable. Strong adhesion property. Reliable material. Puncture and tear resistant. Ayran Cover Foil is applied meticulously in the desired size and design. Different lamination options are available.

High barrier protection against steam, moisture, sunlight, odor
-Easy to open option
-High corrosion protection
-Excellent workability in sealing machines
-Different diameter options
-Special shapes upon request
-Special embossing option upon request
-Alternatives with or without embossing
-Thermolac or coextrusion options
-Adhesion to all sub-container types
-Superior resistance to acidic products

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Primary Colors, Pattern-Motif, With Logo, Standard


Aluminum, Thermolacquer, Thermolak (with or without embossing)


High barrier protection against steam, moisture, sunlight, odor.