Water Cover Foil

Water Lid Foil is used to cover the mouth of the water glass. Thanks to the Water Cover Foil, foreign substances are prevented from entering the water and it is protected from sunlight. At the same time, thanks to the durable structure of the Water Cover Foil, it provides effective protection against impacts. Thanks to its strong adhesion feature, it clings to the glass firmly.

It can be produced in the desired size and design specific to your company.
High product protection
It has an easy-to-open feature.
It has excellent workability in bonding machines.
There are different diameter options and special shape alternatives upon request.
It offers the possibility of adhesion to all types of substrates.
Heat sealability
It has high mechanical strength.
Sealing in temperature changes

Water Cover Foil

Water Cover Foil – The Water Cover Foil is disposable. Strong adhesion. Reliable material. Puncture and tear resistant. Desired size and design are applied meticulously.

Higher machine performance
- High product protection
- Heat sealable options
- Mechanical strength
- Matte / glossy look alternatives
- Easy to open
- Sealing in temperature changes

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