Capsule Coffee Lid Foil

Capsule Coffee Lid Foil is used for capsule coffee containers that provide a fresh and quality coffee experience without spoiling the taste and aroma thanks to the lid on the capsule. Capsule Coffee Lid Foil are disposable closures. It has strong adhesion. Capsule Coffee Cover Foil Environmentally friendly, durable, production option in desired size is offered.

It can be produced in special size and design for your company.
It is a high machine performance product.
It is intended for protection from taste and moisture with its high feature.
Printed, lacquered and embossed options are available.
It has features such as being heatable, easy folding and unfolding, matte and glossy lacquer production.
It offers printing and lacquering on both sides.
There are different Material Thickness alternatives.
It has Adhesion Feature Suitable for PS and PE Containers.

Kapsül Kahve Kapağı Folyosu

Kapsül Kahve Kapağı Folyosu – Kapsül üzerinde bulunan kapak sayesinde tadı ve aroması bozulmadan taze ve kaliteli bir kahve deneyimi sunan kapsül kahve kapları için Kapsül Kahve Kapağı Folyosu kullanılır. Kapsül Kahve Kapağı Folyosu tek kullanımlık kapaklardır. Güçlü yapışma özelliği vardır. Kapsül Kahve Kapağı Folyosu Çevre dostu, dayanıklı, istenilen boyutta üretim seçeneği sunulur.

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filter coffee machine


patterned, standard, withlogo




Aluminum, paper, Termolak, Termolak (Gofrajlı veya gofrajsız)


Yüksek Makine Performansı

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