Corrugated Aluminum Foil

Corrugated chocolate foil is a type of foil that makes chocolate look full and magnificent. Corrugated chocolate foil is a material you need for chocolate wrapping and wrapping. Thanks to its corrugated (serrated) surface, this material, which has an aesthetic and serious appearance, is also very popular for concepts such as engagement, wedding, henna, invitation, thank you.

It can be produced in the desired size and design specific to your company.
It is a product that provides high machine performance.
It protects against taste and moisture loss with its high barrier feature.
Printed, lacquered and embossed options are available.
It has heat sealability, matte and glossy production features.
It offers printing and lacquering on both sides.

Corrugated Aluminum Foil

Corrugated Chocolate Foil – The material you need for chocolate wrapping. Quality service with a special production option suitable for the product. Corrugated chocolate foil is an easy-to-form product with an aesthetic appearance thanks to its serrated surface. Corrugated chocolate foil can be produced according to the desired size. Unlimited color options. It can be delivered as plate and coil.

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Ana Renkler, Ara Renkler


Özel (İstenilen boya göre)


Alüminyum, Alüminyum / Kağıt, Film / Kağıt, Alüminyum / Wax / Kağıt, PE


20 mikron

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